About us – Custom furniture Zanotto

From the tree to the custom furniture. From the interior design to the creation of “biological furniture” with respect for nature and mankind. That’s Zanotto. The company was born in the 70ies from master craftsman Elia Zanotto, founder and father of Luigi, Roberto, Paola and Matteo. They create wood furniture, with precision and passion, for every part of the house with many possibilities for customization.

100% design made in Italy, from country to modern and contemporary style. Forms and design are personalized for every custom, these make Zanotto’s creations unique. From kitchens to living rooms, from bathrooms to bedrooms, we offer freedom of design with fine materials and finishes. Water basis lacquers and paints are used, respecting regulations and certification DIN EN 71.

We guarantee an high choice of woods, from sustainable forest and programme of reforestation from FSC.

We are proud of our behaviour, respecting the environment we are able to create a quality and comfortable furnishing.

We are working with the best tools: the brain, the heart and our hands.

We use our hands, experience, thought and techniques to design and create unique pieces just for you. Using woods and other natural materials we are able to produce furniture.

The production are well organized to design and produce customised furniture, helped by master craftsmen.

Carpentry it’s our house from childhood, we work in harmony to give special emotion from our house to yours.